Since the beginning of 2017, three projects have been in development: research into experience and aesthetics of interaction, an online resource management system and pattern recognition in the aid of evaluation processes.

Research on Experience and Aesthetic of Interaction

The research on Experience and Aesthetics of Interaction investigates the symbolic-affective relationship between people and computational artifacts, mapping how these artifacts are capable of exerting a fascination effect on them, while seeking to understand the aesthetic values that govern the computational media. The objective of the research is to provide conceptual subsidies, mental models, and a structured reference panel that can assist the creative work in the design of this type of artifact.

During the 2017-2019 biennium this research will pay special attention to the study of digital artifacts narrative forms are transformed into computational objects, and especially those that incorporate a diversity of media in this transposition.
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AMS (Assets management system)

Since the first steps in the mapping of digital artifacts began to be carried out during the research conducted at the Interactive Environments Research Laboratory (LPAI / SENAC-SP), the need for a system in which it was possible to catalog, organize and cross references being mapped was also identified. The need for organization of bibliographical references, projects and other resources used in the presentation of the results of the research was united to this demand.

AMS was created to assist in these tasks, but is being developed so that it can operate in a generic way, cataloging and organizing any resource types from an online spreadsheet, with all the flexibility that this type of software can have (such as dragging rows or columns for better viewing of records, re-arranging records in alphabetical order, including formulas in fields, filtering records, etc.).

The tool is not yet mature enough for a public release, but will be made available in a repository as soon as it can be implemented and adopted by anyone interested in the project.
Github repository

Evalutation with pattern recognition

This initiative is aimed at the use of pattern recognition (and future artificial intelligence) as tools to aid in the process of evaluating student work. The system under development seeks to identify parameters, adjectives and attributes in the notes made during classes, and use them to score the defined evaluation criteria. This project is still in its experimental phase, where it is sought to verify the usefulness of an aid device like this in the evaluation processes; the tool under development is operating in a very limited way, just enough for the first tests to be performed.

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