Experience and
Aesthetics of Interaction


Experience and aesthetics of interaction

Research work conducted in the design department (dDesign) of the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE), as part of the graduate program in design (PPGDesign) from the same department, and simultaneous activities from the information design research group (in portuguese) and the design and computation integrated research group (in portuguese).
The research on experience and aesthetics of interaction investigates the symbolic-affective relationship between people and computational artifacts, mapping how they make sense and are capable of exerting an effect of fascination on them. The research focuses on understanding the mechanisms involved in artifacts that fascinate, envisage, seduce, excite, cause plesasure, incite creativity or produce immersion, among other emotion-related effects. Through the proposed studies, it is sough to understand the aesthetic values that govern the computational media. This effort aims to provide conceptual subsidies, theoretical foundations, schematizations and models, anda structured reference panel that can assist the creative work in designing this type of artifact.
This project began with the research developed at the Laboratory of Research in Interactive Environments (LPAI) of the Senac University Centre - São Paulo, as part of the activities of the Research Group on Applied Technologies, headed by Prof. Romero Tori, PhD. In the biennium 2013-2015 the research focused on the issues of Wearable Computing and progressively incorporated Physical Computing in conjunction with new material forms of computational media. In the period 2015-2017, in a collaborative effort with other researches being also developed in the laboratory, the project migrated to creative computing, proceeding from a mapping of formal aspects of these experiences to questions about the symbolic and affective ties we established with them.
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Research project documents

Suggestions on open research problems for advising new thesis and dissertation at PPGDesign (in portuguese)
Classroom slides on specific methodological aspects related to the research under the PPGDesign line
Download of scientific initiation project proposal (for under-graduate scientific initiation scolarship candidates)

Scientific initiation scolarship advisees
Murilo Gasparetto (SENAC-SP)
Bruna Bischoff (SENAC-SP)
Felipe Bevevino Greco (SENAC-SP)
Paula Fernanda Pereira (SENAC-SP)
Paulo Vinícius Queiroz da Costa Leite (SENAC-SP)

In 2016, Felipe Bevevino Greco's "Wearable battery for recharging electronics" research was awarded an honorable mention at the 11th CICTA - Congress of Technological and Artistic Scientific Initiation.
Prof. Guilherme Ranoya, PhD, was awarded the Academic Merit for outstanding performance in the orientation of the Initiation Project in Technological Development and Innovation.

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